Quick and
easy setup!

NikoRadius offers a quick Registration for
both clients and users. As a client, we give
you a step by step register. We also offer
support from our team of engineers.

As a customer, we have an easy registration
form with ease of login.

All in one dashboard

Real-time statistics, sale analytics, and internet
package usage analytics.

Our dashboard is both informative and useful.
The Informatics can be used for business decisions.

Internet Billing Management

NikoRadius system empowers your business by keeping track of your sales and transactions. The system has the ability to create different types of users, create custom billing plans and have real-time sales statistics.

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    Real-time sale analytics

    Be able to analyze the most bought plans in real-time, the actual numbers and in what network location. Be able to see the most frequent customers with the usage statistics. Create custom billing plans to fit your audience.

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    Manage Transactions

    Ability to create payment vouchers after every customer billing plan purchase. Create coupons to reward customers. Be able to view customer accounts activities. Have real-time analytics of all the transactions either mobile, Visa, Master Card, PayPal or even cash payments

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    Variation of Users

    NikoRadius systems give you all users under one platform. It enables you to create Pre-Paid Users, Post-Paid Users, and Home Users. This expands your business scope by expanding your customers’ preference thus increasing your revenue generation.

Easy Pay

NikoRadius makes it friendly and convenient for your customers to purchase your billing plans. We take care of your money as you take care of your sales. Our payment methods are diverse and convenient to fit in all types of users.

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    Mobile Money

    NikoRadius system is easily integrated with any mobile payment methods. We have integrated with Safaricom MPESA services both Safaricom PayBill and Safaricom Lipa Na Mpesa Till Number.

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    PayPal, Visa and Master Card

    NikoRadius system is integrated with online payment accounts like PayPal. The system is both secure and transparent to ensure your online Money transfer security. Customers can also make the payment from online banking through Visa and Master Card.

  • 3

    Cash Payment

    To accommodate all types of users, the system accepts cash payments. The payments are made to the client, who has Administrator rights to the system and can make cash payment for a customer. The system supports Cash Reversal services.

Full Control Over Network

NikoRadius gives you as the client the full control over your network. You decide the bandwidth and speed to which your customers get the access. You choose the network architecture that works for you and choose the network devices.

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    Network Bandwidth, Speed and validity

    NikoRadius gives you full control of your bandwidth in the network. Create dedicated links for your customers. Control over upload and download speed for every billing plan. Control over your billing plan validity.

  • 2

    Network Location

    NikoRadius supports the multiple Nases enabling your business to be located in different locations. You can create a custom billing plan based on your clients for specific locations. These plans are only visible in the location of choice.

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    Device Control

    NikoRadius supports Device Auto-Login which enables the customers to add devices to the trusted list requiring no sign in when around the network. When creating a billing plan, the client specifies the number of simultaneous users/ devices that determines the number of devices that can connect to one plan at a given time

  1. Flexible billing contracts

    The ISP Can provider their clientele contracts on flexible terms usually rolling monthly/weekly basis, refund policies, service allocations

  2. AI tools

    • Automated QoS planning algorithm - This is a network usage and automatic service quota allocation given the available resources and the number of users in the same pool.
    • Traffic Shaping see traffic shaping vs QoS
    • Pricing based on users' histories - the biggest challenge is pricing billing contracts,...how to dynamically create what is favourable for their customers. Different ISP customers have different needs, this algorithm helps in understanding what each customer can afford and creates a favourable billing plan for them. Success rate so far is at 90%.
  3. Cross selling

    Universities education platforms - A section of NR customers provide internet to university students. NR partnered with the Universities to avail the education content to the ISPs using our platform. Content Platform users are able to watch content